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For My First Game Jam, I set out to learn some Python and try to make the kind of game I love to play: old-fashioned, text-based, maybe ANSI graphics, role playing games. For a first effort and learning the coding as I went, I think I got close enough that I'm pleased with myself.

I had a bit of an ordeal trying to compile it into an executable, so this is only the source code. Sorry, everyone I tried my best, but clock's ticking so I'm throwing my hands up and just submitting it. I made it in Python 3.4.3, if that helps you in your quest to run it. Though, if nobody can, that's okay too - I proved to myself I could make something.

Install instructions

To get this running, you probably need Python 3 (I used 3.4.3), or some other way to interpret / run Python code.

It's only been "tested" on Linux Mint and running it off the terminal, so how it'll play with Windows I honestly cannot say.


mfgj_source.zip 10 kB

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